About Coconino County

About Coconino County

Encompassing 18,661 square miles, Coconino County, Arizona, is the second largest county in the U.S. but one of the least populated. Our county includes Grand Canyon National Park, the Navajo, Havasupai, Hualapai and Hopi Indian Reservations, and the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in the world. Elevations range from 2,000 feet above sea level along the Colorado River to 12,633 feet at the summit of Mt. Humphreys in Flagstaff.

April 26, 2011

Thank You, Coconino County Board of Supervisors!

At our monthly general team meeting in April, Sheriff Bill Pribil announced that the Coconino County Board of Supervisors approved a $280K expenditure for completion of the administration area of our new Search & Rescue building. This will include offices, a kitchen, a conference room, domestic water and bathrooms. (Yay! No more port-o-potty in the middle of winter! Changing into mission clothes in there was a real drag.) This project is expected to be completed by early October, 2011.

The Sheriff said this funding is due to all the missions our team of volunteers responds to, including large incidents like the Schultz fire and resulting floods in the Timberline, Wapatki, and Doney Park areas.

Additional funds will be needed to complete parts of the bay area of the building where all of our equipment, SAR vehicles, and supplies are stored, including another bay door and the mezzanine. We're also hoping that a technical rescue training area, including a climbing wall, will eventually be part of the facility.

The Sheriff's Department is also working on a plan to get the outside parking area paved before the monsoons, so it won't be a mud pit again, with the hope that that project will be completed this summer.

Thanks again, Board of Supervisors!


Peg Brantley said...

In today's economic climate, any expenditure of funds underscores the value you add to the community.

Well done!

Deb Kingsbury said...

Thank you, Peg!